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St. Mary’s Art Museum 2/15/2024

2/15/2024-Eleanor and I had a great time at the opening of an art exhibit at the St. Mary’s College Art Museum. We met our good friends, Rich and Leslie Breiman, as well as Costanza Dopfel, who’s been teaching at St. Mary’s in Art history for 22 years. We also saw Gabrielle Ly who is curating Rich Breiman‘s collection on Pam. We met Shawny Anderson, the interim dean of liberal arts at St. Mary’s College who’s been at St. Mary’s for 28 years. We met Trinity, a student at St. Mary’s College who is studying the digital in museums today. We met Lydia, a student at St. Mary’s College who is an artist, and she showed us her Led Zeppelin poster that she found. We met Ali Kozoll of the Lamorinda Arts Council. We met Harmonia Rosales, the featured artist!https://www.stmarys-ca.edu/museum-art ….


The Temperance Cause - 1876

2/3/24 - I love this book from 1876 about the temperance movement.The imagery tells the story of both the dangers of drinking and the peacefulness of abstinence.I knew about the 18th amendment, passed in 1919, which gave us prohibition, as well as the 21st amendment in 1933, which repealed prohibition.What I didn’t realize was that the temperance movement started almost a century before the passage of the 18th amendment, in 1826 according to this book.The author of this book was Jane E. Stebbins and I wasn’t able to discover anything much more about her.My favorite images:The pair of images at the beginning. (#9,#10)The infoviz about the effects of alcohol. (#29)The deranged and the devil. (#30)The seated women silently protesting. (#37,#38)Two other images, included at the end of this exhibit, I found related to the temperance movement. (#42,#43)This exhibit reminded me of Clay Shirky and his modern-day concept of “Cognitive Surplus”  and his correlation of this concept with free time created by the Industrial Revolution that was used for gin-drinking. (#44).


Bonham’s 2024-01-30

1/30/24-I had a lovely visit to Bonhams today during my lunch hour and made this exhibit in about twenty minutes. Apparently all of these images are for sale from one collection and they will be more fully curated, with artist names, next week sometime. 


How to Draw and Paint - 1880

1/14/2024-I couldn’t find out a lot about this book, other than that John Dixon was the “practical artist” behind it. Nevertheless, it’s a great example of the beautiful and intricate historical images that fascinate me.